Face To Face Training

This is our preferred training method, giving us the ability to interact with staff and discuss a wide range of safety strategies without restrictions.


The lone worker and high risk industry e-Learning course is currently under Construction. Please contact us for info on webinars and other flexible learning options

Safety Consulting

Our background and experience as workers on the “front line” give us the confidence to advise on what really reduces risk.

Online Community

A great place for workers to swap experiences and ask questions. Also a source of safety information, links and downloads.


to Proarm

Conflict resolution class

Lone Worker Safety

We are proudly Australian Owned and Operated by Ex Law Enforcement personnel that specialize in Risk Identification and Conflict Resolution Training for high risk & lone worker industries.

We are passionate about the safety and welfare of our clients and Lone Workers who carry out their duties in potentially high risk situations.

We've developed an Employee Safety, Risk & Conflict Management Course that can be tailored to suit your needs. With a strong background in Policing, our trainers can help you to teach your lone workers and general staff to protect them selves when faced with unexpected & dangerous situations.

Training to develop safe and effective conflict management and resolution strategies is vital for any industry, particularly those with a high volume of lone workers such as district nurses, locum doctors, door to door sales persons, health and community services personal dealing with home based care and real estate agents.

We love positive feedback and it’s very rewarding to know that we have hit the mark!

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