We are proud to say, “our clients are safer because of us”

We approach training like we are part of a team. We know that teamwork is vital in reducing risk and creating confidence

It gives us great satisfaction knowing that our customers are happy with our service but the ultimate reward is increased safety and reduced injuries

We are real professionals with life experience and policing backgrounds. In the law enforcement world employees are constantly exposed to challenges including violence.

It makes sense that you would choose trainers that can speak from experience!

Proarm Consulting LOGO



We are an Australian owned and operated family business.



We specialize in conflict resolution consulting and training



All training is provided by trainers with a Policing background and a Certificate IV in workplace training and assessment. This is “best practice” conflict resolution training.



Training packages have been designed by the principal trainer with 25 years Policing and 14 years Police Conflict Resolution training experience.


How much does the training cost?

Our costing is generally based on a 2-3 hour training package and depending on the contents and time this can vary. Please contact us and we will forward a training proposal with all the details you require.

Is the training classroom based?

Yes 95 per cent of the training is face to face in a classroom type environment. There are some low impact activities and tasks required during sessions.

Is physical self defensive part of the training?

No, unless exceptional circumstances exist. This does not form part of our standard training package. There are several reasons for this which include ;

  • Risk of injuries to staff during training
  • Training environment is not designed for physical defense
  • Perishable skill that needs regular practice
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder spike

What are the topics and learning outcomes?

No workplace is identical and therefore neither is our training. We customize every package to suit the workplace, staff and clients. A sample of the learning outcomes for Lone Workers is on our “Training Page”

The outcomes are slightly different depending on the job and environment but essentially it’s all about understanding and avoiding risks!