Training Aims and Outcomes

trainingpage_photo_lone_workerSample Training Outcomes for “Lone Workers"

The learning outcome is for staff to have the skills required to plan, conduct risk assessments, attend, carry out work and then leave properties in a safe manner.

Training will link and reinforce organizational policies and procedures around safe practice for lone workers. We are confident that lone worker training will assist in the reduction of incidents or injuries, project professionalism and protect the organization from litigation.


Pre Training Consultation

Prior to training we will attend at the workplace to discuss the finer details of the course. Each course is contextualized to suit the individual workplace and staff. At this point we gather information about current Operating Procedures and Occupational Health and Safety Strategies to ensure training does not undermine or clash with your organization.

The Pre Training Consolation is included in the cost of training.


Face to Face Training

We prefer this method as it allows for trainer and staff to interact.

The most effect way to present this information is through a 2.5 – 3 hour direct contact training session. The session involves interaction with staff and presenter, provides opportunities for on the spot questions and further explanation of points if required. A range of training tools are used to ensure participants are kept engaged and to optimize learning and retention of information.



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