Employee Safety Through eLearning


Lone Worker Training

At ProArm, we’re developing an e-Learning course to help businesses learn and develop strategies that will help keep their employees safe.

Our e-learning course will contain real world scenarios that focus on staff training that will help them to recognise potentially dangerous situations and provide exercises that will give them tools necessary to avoid them.Personal Safety Online Course

Focusing on lone worker safety and conflict resolution, our elearning course will be beneficial for health and community services personal and provide safety training and safe working practices for lone workers.

With our e-learning course we intend on providing an exhaustive personal safety strategy that can be used as a stand-alone guide or the ideal supplemental to our face to face training course on lone worker safety.

With a planned release date in late 2016, our plan is to create an eLearning personal safety course that contains effective and practical applications to improve lone worker safety.

Please contact us for more details.